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Holt Ag Solutions is the leading equipment and technology solutions provider for customers spanning across central northern California and Oregon. We’ve built our reputation by placing our customers’ needs first, connecting them with the right parts and equipment for their projects and operating needs. In that time, we’ve grown to employ hundreds of employees.

We’re still expanding today, and we always have an eye out for motivated individuals interested in starting a career with a company that wants to see them grow. Within each of our companies, our parts departments offer unique perks and opportunities for advancement. Holt parts professionals serve our technicians and customers by identifying, locating, and sourcing dependable parts for a wide range of machines. You can learn more about these benefits here!


Many of our employees have over 10 years of experience working with our team. Our team members stay with us for our positive atmosphere, an energetic work environment and a chance to help other people. When you start a career in one of our parts jobs, you’ll unlock:

  • Competitive wages: We have excellent pay for equipment parts jobs.
  • Upward mobility: Grow in your position to achieve your career goals.
  • Excellent benefits: You’ll get paid holidays, paid time off and access to substantial employee benefits.

Our parts professionals have the training and tools to make the right recommendations for your parts needs 24/7. Current postings will vary, but parts jobs can include:

  • Retail employees
  • Warehouse staff
  • After-hours help
  • Management roles



If you like the idea of a career working with great people, advanced equipment, and customers who trust you to make the best recommendations, apply online today. Browse current equipment parts jobs at Holt Ag Solutions.

For more information about our parts jobs near you, send us a message today.

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